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Great Baby Products


Having a new baby is always accompanied with added expenses for a family. This can be a huge burden on a family with an already tight budget. My husband and I adjusted almost everything in our lives, from the toys we buy, our work schedules, coupon clippings any many other money saving activities to go make ends meet. I am glad to share some of money saving tips I found for new parents that will surely help from breaking the band and slashing those expenses.


If you plan on having another baby in future, buy coed clothing. This will help you when the time comes for hand me downs. Get those greens and yellows and stay away from pink and blue.


$200 conventional strollers from are just as safe as the $800 ones. Be practical and always choose the cheaper one.


When on vacation, always look for a good house to rent rather than staying in expensive and fancy hotels. This idea will also help you cut down on restaurant bills and parking etc.


A lot of parents out there spends thousands of dollars in tuition fees sending their kids to preschool at age 2. Why not save money and turn your home into a learning conductive environment that will stimulate your children. Just don't forget play dates in order to prepare your children for kindergarten.


Save an average of $25 per visit from the barber shop and become your kid's hair stylist. You can also watch this video:


Probably one of the biggest hit for family income is child care. It's a good idea to talk to your employer about being flexible with your schedule. Try and see if there is a way you can work difference hours from home.


It's a good investment to purchase a breast pump to store your milk in the future. Breastfeeding is not only cheaper but is also better for your baby.


It's really smart to purchase a cookbook for babies and make your own baby food.


Give gifts than mean more rather than buying expensive gifts. If a friend has a baby, make them a home cooked meal or offer to babysit one night.


The best way to save money on supplies is by bulk buying.


You don't need to spend a lot of money to entertain your kids. Keep them happy with what your town has to offer. Go visit fire or police stations, visit the library or go to a free museum instead of paying for expensive kids classes.


These are just a few tips and there are unlimited projects you may do to save money for your kids. Be creative, it's what being a parent is all about. Read more at this website